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Website Services

  • Award-winning CUSTOM website design, not prefabricated templates.
  • We're known for our integrity and reasonable prices.
  • FREE initial consultation.
  • FREE monthly website updates (up to one hour).
  • YOU own your website address (domain name).
  • We have a DEDICATED SERVER, using SSD for the main drive, and HDD for the backup drive. Only our client sites are on our server. All sites are backed-up daily.
  • Domain name registration: .com, .net, .org (example: = $20 per year. CONTACT US to register your name.
  • Website design fees = $50 per hour.
  • Website hosting fees (per site) = $300 per year.
    • We also offer multiple-site discounts (one client, several sites). CONTACT US for more information.
    • E-mail accounts, up to 500 MB of space, per e-mail address, included with hosting plan.
    • Includes one free hour of design time, per month.
  • Technical support for an individual computer or mobile device, $50 per hour (setting up e-mail software, etc.).

Website FAQs

Q: What are the requirements to have a website on the internet?

A: Websites consist of 3 components. The first is the domain name or website address (example, The second is the design of the site. The third is hosting, which is the server (computer) the website "lives" on, 24 hours a day.

Q: How much does domain name registration cost (example:

A: $20 per year.

Q: How much does it cost to design a new website?

A: Please CONTACT US for a FREE estimate, which will give you a more definite answer, specific to your needs. However, some rough guidelines are as follows. Our rate for design is $50 per hour. A basic informational site can cost as low as $150-$500 for design. An intermediate site, which includes photos, videos, multiple pages, and more detailed content, can cost approximately $500-$1500. An advanced site, which includes the intermediate site features, plus online shopping, can cost $1500 or more. We're willing to work with you, to design and develop your site over time, which can reduce your initial website expenses.

Q: How much does it cost for hosting?

A: $300 per year, although we offer discounts to clients that have several sites. Our hosting package includes one FREE hour of design time per month (a savings of up to $600 per year)! We believe that we're the only company that offers this exceptional package.

Q: Do you accept customers that are currently with another designer and/or hosting company?

A: Yes. In fact, many of our clients came to us, after becoming frustrated with a previous company.

If your question is not answered, please CONTACT US.

Website FAQs Copyright © JTL Music, LLC

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